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Life is unpredictable, and no one knows for certain what the future may hold. While we all hope to avoid serious accidents and do our best to act carefully, risks are ever-present. If you or a loved one is hurt in an accident, you likely have a lot of questions:

  • Who will pay for my medical expenses and time off from work?
  • Do I need to file a lawsuit?
  • Should I accept the insurance company’s offer?
  • Do I need to sign any paperwork?

A skilled Long Beach personal injury attorney can answer all of your questions and work diligently on your behalf to ensure that you are treated fairly.

The Reeves Law Group has decades of experience handling injury cases throughout California. We are proud of our reputation as one of the leading firms in the state that advocates for injured victims of preventable accidents.

  • If you have any questions or desire a case review, please contact us: The Reeves Law Group or call us at (800) 644-8000 for a free consultation.

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I was rear-ended on the freeway in Long Beach by a girl who was texting and got pushed into the car ahead of me. I hurt my neck in the car accident so a friend told me I should hire a personal injury lawyer. I hired The Reeves Law Group because they are the top car accident law firm in Long Beach/Los Angeles. My attorney was awesome. He made everything really easy for me, always kept me updated, and got me a great settlement. I can tell you from experience that The Reeves Law Group is the top personal injury law firm in Long Beach. I will be recommending them to all my friends and family who are hurt in car accidents.

Reviewer: Erik

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What is Personal Injury?


Understanding Your Personal Injury Case

A personal injury can arise in one of several ways, including:

  • Someone intentionally committing a wrong against you that resulted in an injury to your person.
  • The negligent actions of another or their failure to act, or
  • Someone is held accountable for an injury regardless of how much care he or she exercised, even if the person did not act negligently. This is a legal principle called “strict liability.” Strict liability covers injuries from animal bites or attacks to harm that results from products we use, as well as accidents that happen because of abnormally dangerous activities, like blasting dynamite or fumigation.

Under this framework, any kind of harm done to a victim, either intentionally or negligently, can qualify as a personal injury for which the victim can seek compensation and/or damages. Bites from another person’s “pet,” including a pet dog or a pet snake, are considered personal injuries, as are injuries sustained in bicycle, bus, commercial truck, and car accidents where someone else was acting negligently. Many work-related injuries also qualify as personal injuries. Busy construction sites, restaurants, and other public establishments can be ideal places for heavy equipment accidents, slip and falls, or other work-related accidents to occur if someone like a worker or staff member acts negligently.

Personal injuries can also result from fires, injuries caused by natural phenomenon or the environment, accidental poisoning, drowning or suffocation, sports or recreation mishaps or defective products.

Common Accidents and Injuries in Long Beach

  • Brain Injuries
  • Wrongful Death
  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Dog Bites

Settling a Personal Injury Case in Long Beach, CA

Personal injury cases, also known as tort cases, are the most common type of lawsuit in the United States. Yet, very few cases actually go to trial. What happens more frequently is that the parties settle their dispute without involving the court system. If the party that injured you, or that person’s insurance company, approaches you with a settlement offer, then it is imperative that you immediately consult an experienced Long Beach accident attorney.

Settlement offers that are not negotiated by seasoned attorneys are often designed to appear as fair offers. Generally, however, these offers are not for the full value that the victim deserves. For example, the proposed settlement may grossly under-value the long-term medical and rehabilitation costs required for the victim to recover from the accident. Further, the initial settlement offer may completely ignore other losses that should be covered, including pain and suffering, loss of consortium, or other less “tangible” items.

If you have been the victim of an injury due to another’s negligence, you should be compensated to the full extent of your injuries and not a cent less. Insurance companies are not in the business of making large payouts unless they have to. A personal injury attorney is trained specifically to negotiate with insurance companies so that they provide full and fair redress for all losses resulting from an accident. At times, this may require taking the matter all the way to a jury to explain the situation and demand full recovery.

Contact an Experienced Long Beach Personal Injury Attorney

Every accident case is unique and requires its own review and special consideration by an experienced Long Beach personal injury attorney. If you have been hurt in an accident and are in need of legal counsel, contact The Reeves Law Group today for a free consultation. We specialize in personal injury law and will advocate vigorously to get you the compensation that you are due.

[Written by Derek Pakiz. Article updated on 2022-11-28]